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Packages that use ProfResPSI
org.strbio.mol These classes represent objects or concepts useful to structural biologists. 
org.strbio.mol.lib These classes represent conceptual objects used in structural biology algorithms. 
org.strbio.mol.lib.pred2ary These classes represent conceptual objects used in the Pred2ary program, which are probably not very useful for other purposes. 

Uses of ProfResPSI in org.strbio.mol

Constructors in org.strbio.mol with parameters of type ProfResPSI
ProfResPSI(ProfResPSI q)
          copy another residue, including the atoms.

Uses of ProfResPSI in org.strbio.mol.lib

Methods in org.strbio.mol.lib with parameters of type ProfResPSI
 double ScoreReversePSIBlast.score(ProfResPSI a, ProfResPSI b)
 double ScorePhiPsi.score(ProfResPSI a, ProfResPSI b)
 double ScorePSIBlast.score(ProfResPSI a, ProfResPSI b)
 double ScoreAverageReversePSIBlast.score(ProfResPSI a, ProfResPSI b)
 double ScoreAveragePSIBlast.score(ProfResPSI a, ProfResPSI b)
 double ScoreAlphaTau.score(ProfResPSI a, ProfResPSI b)

Uses of ProfResPSI in org.strbio.mol.lib.pred2ary

Subclasses of ProfResPSI in org.strbio.mol.lib.pred2ary
 class PCPRes
          ProfRes with a couple extras useful for 2ary structure prediction.