org.strbio The StrBio library is a set of Java classes useful for development of software for computational structural biology research. These classes are stand-alone applications. These classes perform I/O functions, especially related to stream I/O or string formatting using C-like "Printf" calls.
org.strbio.local These classes are for running or exchanging data with local programs (other programs installed on your computer).
org.strbio.math These classes perform functions related to mathematics and statistics.
org.strbio.mol These classes represent objects or concepts useful to structural biologists.
org.strbio.mol.lib These classes represent conceptual objects used in structural biology algorithms.
org.strbio.mol.lib.pred2ary These classes represent conceptual objects used in the Pred2ary program, which are probably not very useful for other purposes. These classes are for running or exchanging data with non-local programs (i.e., programs that you run by submitting data to a web page).
org.strbio.raf These classes are related to the RAF file format used by the ASTRAL database.
org.strbio.sql These classes perform generally useful functions related to SQL.
org.strbio.util These classes perform general purpose utility functions.
org.strbio.util.db These classes are a primitive interface to store and manipulate protein structure information from various commonly used databases.
org.strbio.util.graph These classes perform utility functions related to 2D and 3D graphics.
org.strbio.util.ui These classes are general purpose utility functions related to a program's user interface.