Class Pred2aryText

  extended by

public class Pred2aryText
extends java.lang.Object

Predict secondary structure/class, using profiles. Designed using Swing classes for extra GUI-ness. Run with no options for interactive version, or use -help to get command line options. Command line options for this class make obsolete.

  Version 1.33T, 5/5/00 - text only version
  Version 1.33, 4/6/00 - remembers loadDir
  Version 1.32, 2/10/00 - fixed bug with null protein sets, reads more
    bogus MSF files.
  Version 1.31, 6/9/99 - improved memory use when many proteins are
    being predicted, moved some code to general use classes
  Version 1.3, 3/30/99 - added more BLAST types, online help, improved
  Version 1.23, 1/21/99 - reads native BLAST files, can take 1
    file on command line to load
  Version 1.221, 12/21/98 - fixed bug in BLAST thread
  Version 1.22, 12/10/98 - shows correct secondary structure if known
  Version 1.211, 12/4/98 - fixed bug with nameless MSF files.
  Version 1.21, 11/30/98 - proper multithreading
  Version 1.2, 11/18/98 - can do BLAST
  Version 1.171, 10/26/96 - can load lower case FASTA and MSF files
  Version 1.17, 9/4/98 - fixed bug triggered by choosing sequence
    and repredicting
  Version 1.16, 8/31/98 - added key to graph
  Version 1.15, 8/30/98 - added pointer to online help
  Version 1.14, 8/18/98 - can use new FileChooser class if present.
  Version 1.13, 8/13/98 - saves window positions, fixed minor
    graphics bug in prediction graphs
  Version 1.12, 7/15/98 - added new About dialog, remembers settings.
  Version 1.11, 7/14/98 - added more menu items
  Version 1.1, 7/9/98 - can print the prediction, sort out 1 particular
  Version 1.0, 6/18/98 - adapted from Pred2aryJury 1.1 (5/20/98)

1.33T, 5/5/00

Constructor Summary
Pred2aryText(java.lang.String[] argv)
          This constructor handles the non-interactive text version of the program.
Method Summary
static void main(java.lang.String[] argv)
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Constructor Detail


public Pred2aryText(java.lang.String[] argv)
This constructor handles the non-interactive text version of the program.

Method Detail


public static final void main(java.lang.String[] argv)